Thursday, 28 February 2013

Extreme bisciting

Vrooom  grrrrrr!!!! went the boat. I was in the biscuit getting towed
at 150kph with skiing goggles on. Everything around me was orange through the goggles and water was whooshing in my face.

I could hear the gushing and the gurgling of the boat, what a gutsy noise it was. I was going left to right over the wake getting 60 points for airtime. “Oh! No!,” said dad.I have too much weight on one side I was going to fall off ....splash !!!!I fell off. But fortunately I grabbed the biscuit  and got back on I was going again.I was as smelly a as a fish tank with dead fish in it.I Saw lot of jet boats all around me going really fast then suddenly I got flinged off,I did a roly -poly and lots of water came gushing up my nose ,and found myself in the water after 2 minutes I felt cold my teeth were chattering.When my Dad saw me he turned the boat around and hauled me into the boat .Then I felt warm.By Ben Shand.