Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Muddy, Wet and Stitch

Muddy,Wet and Stitch

On Tuesday the 21st of May we had our cross country like always, but this on was different it was at Medbury school.When I was waiting outside the sliding door I was thinking it looks so muddy and wet why are they making us do this,it was pouring down with rain. Just then I heard a shout “Year 5's over to the starting line”I walk to the starting line.

I was waiting at the starting line getting ready to Zoom! off then Mr Taylor boomed in a loud and low voice “Go!!” and we shot off like bullets. I started off at the back.I was getting faster.I went round the walnut tree though the rugby posts,around the mini football goal and more.

In no time I had done my 1st lap and 1 and a half laps left to go. I was getting faster. I had just zoomed around the mini football goal and was just about at the finish. I only was a few metres away from the finish and I could hear my mum cheering me on.I was sprinting so hard I nearly had a heart attack.

In seconds I thunder down the finishing line and I was muddy,wet and I had stitch. I’m not really a big fan of running but when I got my number on my hand I couldn’t believe my eyes I had came 10th. I I think I put all my effort into the run and tried my best thats why I got such a good placing.