Monday, 8 July 2013

Stolen Jewels

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Stolen Jewels
Long ago…
Broke into pyramids
to steal all gold inside
Chests,Crowns Jewels.

Scrambling over fallen ruins

Looking out for traps

Down,  Down, Down
Does it ever end?

Spitting, Crackling, shining bright torch in front of me
Leading my way to fortune

I think I’m nearly there
All that gold will be mine
I’ll be filthy rich. Mwah Hah Hah Hah!

Finally I’m there I see radiant colourful paintings ,
Hieroglyphics but where is the bounty?
Nowhere to be seen…

Success Criteria for Free-form Poem
  • To reflect the mood of the pharaoh or a tomb robber
  • To bring some of the mystery of Egypt to your poem
  • To cut out small words - use the word knife
  • To use a Thesaurus to add 4-5 improved words
  • To set out in free-form - one or two thoughts per line