Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What makes us Kiwi Speech

What makes us Kiwi ?
Bonjour! Konnichi Wa! Bula! or Kia Ora and Hi everyone, I’m Ben!
So, what does make us Kiwi?  Is it our land, culture or language? Or, is it the people that make us Kiwi?
I’m going to tell you what I think makes us who we are as Kiwis……

Our land and native bush shapes our culture – we  enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking, snow skiing and water-skiing in our mountains, lakes and sea.
Our native bush and birds are so important to us, that we are named after the Kiwi!
Also our top national netball team is named after the native silver fern. 
New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. So when Kiwis think of Christmas we think of summer. During Christmas Kiwis go to the beach and have barbecues. Instead of holly and mistletoe, we have pohutakawa trees and rata tress, which flower in the summer. These trees are symbols of Christmas in New Zealand.
Kiwis love a good a game of footy. We are well known for being good at rugby. 
In our history we beat the English at their own game because we were able to play in the big wide open spaces of New Zealand. The All Blacks represent us with our good Kiwi values of Pride, fairness, respect, perseverance and excellence.
Have you ever heard Kiwis say strange phrases; like; “Put another steak on the Barbie” and “Like some fish and chips, mate?” – well, that’s called Kiwi slang. Our culture is full of it.

Sir Edmund Hillary was a great Kiwi with good Kiwi spirit and cultural values. 
Sir Edmund Hillary, as you know, is famous for being the first to climb Mt Everest – the tallest mountain in the world. I believe he could only do this with the help of these great kiwi values. He comes from a place where being in the outdoors is a natural part of everyday life.

So, it’s our landscape, culture and people that make us who we are – Kiwis. We are people with unique values of generosity, perseverance, pride and excellence. Also we have become a nation who has developed it’s own slang language, that no-one else can understand. Here is a little test to see if you actually are a kiwi.

“Gidday, mate! Lets go to the dairy this arvo for some jaffas and a fizzy drink, then back to my place for a barbie?” Don’t forget to bring ya jandals
If You don’t understand that your obviously are not a kiwi.