Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Animal Report

Komodo Dragons
The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard in the world.A fierce predetor that can kill prey as large as water buffalo.It has even been known to attack humans.

In the wild Komodo dragons only live in the lesser Sunda islands of Indonesia.They are named after Komodo, one of those Islands. There are about 3000-5000 Komodo dragons in Indonesia. They are protected by the law.

The Komodo dragon is a type of monitor lizard. Like other monitors,it has a long head and neck,a heavy body and a long tail. But the Komodo dragon is larger than other lizards.It can reach to a lenth of 3 metres. Some males weigh 70 to 170 kg.

The skin of a Komodo dragon is scaly and grey-brown in colour.Its tongue is yellowish and forked (split at the end). Like a snake , the lizard flick its tongue in and out to get information about its surroundings.

Komodo dragons can run as fast as 20 kilometres hour. They are also great swimmers and climbers.

These lizards are carnivores so they eat carrion (bird like a vulture) or animals that are already dead. But they also hide along trails, waiting to pounce passing cattle, deer, pigs other animals. (they don’t have many predators). There predators are human and human waste which is created from the sewage pipes going into ponds where Komodo Dragons drink and chopping down trees which ruins their habitat.   Adults even hunt smaller Komodo dragons, They use their sharp, curved teeth and claws to bite and tear their prey. Sometimes they wait for their prey to die before the eat it. Scientists used to think that deadly bacteria in the Komodo Dragons saliva poisoned by the blood of its prey. But later - scientists found out that the lizards mouth produces venom.

Female Komodo Dragons lay eggs in deep burrows. The eggs hatch in April or May. The newly hatched young are about 45 centimetres long and have to live in trees for 6-8 months when they're young. A baby Komodo Dragon is called a pup also a family of Komodo Dragons are called a litter, there are about 20 dragons in a litter.

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